Services Overview

We offer results-oriented
wellness and nutrition

At Passport 2 Vitality, we practice results-oriented wellness and nutrition. We provide various testing procedures to distinguish the basic underlying cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.  During your initial visit, you may be requested to complete one or more of the following tests


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Testing

In healthy individuals, the heart rate is constantly adapting to internal and external stressors. The modulation of heart rate is primarily the result of alterations of the autonomic nervous system as represented by the parasympathetic system(your ability to relax, repair, digest, eliminate and sleep) and the sympathetic system (fight or flight).

Using an established non-invasive electrophysiology test, HRV is a proven and effective evaluation of one’s physical fitness. Whether you’re a world-class athlete, a weekend warrior, or just beginning a wellness program, this quick study of stress on the autonomic nervous system will give you the answers you need.

Muscle Response Testing / Applied Kinesiology

An information-gathering technique that when performed accurately, assists the practitioner in developing a custom nutrition/wellness program that can aid in the support of:

  • Liver / Kidney & Immune Function
  • Cellular Detoxification
  • Digestion
  • Determining the need for supplemental nutrients
  • and more!

Scars & Interference Fields Testing

  • One of the most overlooked barriers preventing healing in our bodies are interference fields from scars and trauma sites.
  • These sites can be generated from heavy blows to the head or body, surgical scars (appendix, episiotomies, tonsils, hernia repairs, c-sections, hysterectomies, gallbladder removal), body piercing and tattoos.
  • Active scars often reflex to distant glands and organs blocking nerve and energy flow resulting in improper healing, inefficiency, energy loss and an inability to reach overall optimum wellness.
  • Not all scars cause interference fields but finding and clearing the ones that do can take make a real difference in your health.
  • If you’ve tried everything and haven’t gotten the results you’ve expected, take a scar inventory and consider this testing.