About Alexandria

Alexandria Teed, CCN, FACACN

Alexandria Teed has been studying the art and science of nutrition since 1978. She is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Fellow of the American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition, and  a professional member in good standing of the elite IAACN (International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists).  Alexandria’s mission in life is to “inspire, educate and support people in such as way that they can enthusiastically embrace new life choices that have the potential to enhance their overall health and well-being.”

Growing up, Alexandria developed a detective’s mind.  She loved Nancy Drew….


Alexandria, born and raised in Buffalo, NY, began her love of the art and science of nutrition in college while studying to become a medical lab technician. During that time, she began working at a local health food store and became fascinated with nutrition and its impact on a person’s health and wellbeing and eventually changed her focus to the study of nutrition and holistic healing. When Alexandria moved to Dallas, she managed several health food stores, served as a vitamin sales representative and as a staff nutritionist for several medical doctors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Alexandria met and married David Teed and for 12 years they lived in Fort Worth, Texas while she continued to study in her field. In 1985, she earned a Fellowship through the American Council of applied Clinical Nutrition in St. Louis and studied the biochemistry of nutrition through Clayton University.

Alexandria became a Certified Nutritionist and has maintained her certification through bi-annual education and a re-certification exam every 5 years. She was the founder and managing owner of  Nutrition Works!, a wellness/nutrition center that offered custom nutrition programs, laboratory testing and massage. Alexandria and David moved to Sandpoint, Idaho where they built an environmentally-friendly home in the woods and adopted Luan, a beautiful baby girl from China. Alexandria continued working as a Clinical Nutritionist in private practice designing custom nutritional programs for clients using laboratory analysis as a tool to identify deficiencies and imbalances with a strong emphasis upon correcting those health concerns through nutrition. After living a very remote lifestyle in Northern Idaho, Alexandria and David decided they needed a more urban experience and moved to Boise, Idaho.

… and discovering the mysteries of the human body Alexandria establishes Passport 2 Vitality.


Alexandria established Passport 2 Vitality in response to her client’s demand for sustainable wellness programs that not only focused on nutrition but provided the answers her clients needed about their bodies, their sense of wellbeing and their energy levels. Her knowledge as well as her training in The Reconnection™, Reconnective Healing™, Quantum Reflex Analysis™ and Morphogenic Field Testing gives her patients access to innovative technologies that are currently being researched.

As her practice grows, Alexandria continues to expand her focus to include health and wellness groups as well as educational programs that “inspire, educate and support people in such a way that they can enthusiastically embrace new life choices that have the potential to enhance their overall health and well-being.”

Alexandria attends numerous workshops and seminars sponsored by the International and American Associations of Applied Clinical Nutritionists and has participated in advanced training workshops and seminars through the Designs for Health Institute.


  • Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • Professional Member of International Association for Clinical Nutritionists
  • Certified Enzyme Specialist in the Loomis System
  • Certified Reconnective Healer–Level I, II, III